Both me and my work are driven by positive universal human principles such as mutual respect and trust.
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Steen Lykke Rasmussen


Helping to build a sustainable, successful human companies is WHY he goes to work every day. His Mission is to support ambitious clients to transform companies into Winning Organizations. Steen succeeds through designing and facilitating advanced transformation processes and helping people to discover their hidden potentials by training, coaching, sparring and mentoring.


Steen is an expert in organizational dynamics with deep insights in as well human behavior as all needed business disciplines. He uses a holistic management approach for high-complex problem solving and team building. His core competence is building Winning Organizations by:setting the right strategic direction, designing customer-value business models and building powerful organizations that leverages the hidden potentials in all organizations. The methodology has been successfully implemented in more than 90 companies in 13 European countries during the past 22 years, including 20 years in the Swiss market.

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+41 79 774 38 00