Winning Organisations:
Culture Hacking for Growth and Insights into Company Lifecycle

GEW – woowai Event @ Fluxdock

Wednesday, 20th of November 2019

Freilager-Platz 3, 4142 Münchenstein
doors 17:30 | start 18:00 | aperitif 19:30

Growing a company is not a mere business challenge. It's vital to build a healthy organization to be successful in the execution of your plans. Starting from the provoking quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" we will explore the topic.

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IconWinning Organisations: Insights into Company Lifecycle and Driving Company Culture


Philipp Bracher
Philipp Bracher (CH)
CEO at woowai
18:00 – 18:45
Company Culture
Company Culture is something that just happens naturally until it becomes a challenge. What is a healthy company culture and how can it be developed and cultivated?
Steen Rasmussen
Steen Rasmussen (DK)
expert in organizational dynamics at woowai
18:45 – 19:30
Company Lifecycle
What are normal changes and challenges throughout the company lifecycle and what are alarming issues?
19:30 – 20:30
A drink and snack are being provided. Time to get to know the other guests.

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